The Christmas Markets in Vienna

Christmas is getting near. Even long before the event, the Vienna’s squares have changed to fantastic Christmas markets. When you go there, you will smell the astonishing aroma of Christmas baking, toasted almonds, and series of mouth-watering treats that you can buy from the new stalls.

The festive lights enhance the beauty of the Old City, shopping streets and its surrounding. The atmosphere and ambiance of the Vienna center will be different. You and your group will be wowed once you pass through the entrance of the City Hall Square for the Vienna Christmas World. There are over a hundred sales booths that offer you different stuff like Christmas gifts, decorations, handicrafts, confectionery, drinks, as well as culinary items.

If you have explored the city hall, you could use the Vienna transfer to go to Christmas Village on Maria-Theresien-Platz. There are over 70 booths that offer the traditional handicrafts and gifts for during and after Christmas. Along with these booth sales, there are also street performers who will entertain all the visitors. They can be Gospel choirs or music groups, street dancers or anyone who participates for the fantastic event.

If you tend to like the traditional fest, you could use your second Vienna transfer to Old Viennese Christmas Market on Fraying in the city center. It is probably the oldest market district that you can enjoy in Vienna. Operating since 1772, the area has maintained the traditions and costumes of Vienna. It is a great place to get traditional ceramics, handicrafts, glass decorations, and so on. There is also Festive Advent music that you can enjoy from 4.00 pm.

There is also the epic Christmas Market with the backdrop of Schonbrunn Palace. The Palace provides the front yard to transform to the New Year’s market after Christmas. In case you plan for a longer time in Vienna, and reach the new year, you will not want to miss the spectacular festive in the Palace. Besides the stalls and sales booths, you can also enjoy the Christmas concerts. If you bring your kids, you could tag them along to participate in the Christmas workshop or program for kids. The Christmas Village at Belvedere Palace also provides the attractions for tourists with the Baroque background.

There’s also other Christmas Market on Stephansplatz for those who are interested in tradition and costumes in Vienna. It boasts around forty booths. Meanwhile, the Opera House offers you with the Vienna’s Culinary wonders from the cheese, traditional gingerbread, meats, punch, as well as wine.


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